Q: What type of organizations can benefit from WiseGuys CRM?

A: The audience is growing! Small to medium-sized catalog companies were the first adopters of WiseGuys, due largely to its superior analytical features. Now, with the availability of CRM messaging capabilities, many organizations are taking advantage of this exciting functionality, including associations, internet-based retailers, and fund-raising organizations – all of which want more data-driven, personal interaction with their customers, donors, and constituencies.

Q: What are the unique B2B capabilities of WiseGuys CRM?

A: WiseGuys recognized early on how business-to-business marketers struggle with data consolidation – specifically, rolling up transactions and reporting to the business site. WiseGuys has met this challenge with significant innovation.  All of our RFM targeting, matchback/response reporting, LTV analysis, and personalized messaging can now identify either the business entity, each customer at the business entity, or both.  You now have a true 360 degree view of your customer accounts – which can be very hard to get otherwise.

Q: Is data mining a part of the WiseGuys CRM solution?

A: Yes, in a big way.  Most marketers are familiar with the recommendation engine that made famous.  (“People who bought Product A also bought…”)

WiseGuys CRM includes an algorithm that is similar.  Step 1 calculates the correlation between items sold, using your own database (e.g., softballs often are purchased with bats). Step 2 launches an email promotion to people who bought softball bats within the last 3 days, offering a softball.

Note: this can be trickier than you would think… People who buy bats might be likely to buy balls, but people who buy balls might be more likely to buy a glove than a bat. This is one reason WiseGuys software is so useful – it does this analysis for you.

Q: How much training is needed to use WiseGuys CRM?

A: As little as 4 hours will get you started.  After initial configuration, WiseGuys CRM messaging can be auto-scheduled to run each night, with little or no operator intervention. For the analysis of your campaign results, you will probably want help interpreting your reports and we are happy to do that – it will make it easier for you to see the full power of the metrics you can get from WiseGuys.

Q: How will I know if WiseGuys CRM can jump start my marketing results? 

A: Ask for your free trial! You can use the program for 30 days risk-free, and we guarantee you will see the value of data-driven messaging. Just contact us for more details.