WiseGuys Marketing Analytics

channel-thumbnailLooking for ways to get better results from your marketing campaigns?

We specialize in working with multi-channel marketers – especially those who sell through some combination of websites, email, catalogs, direct mail, and stores.

We use the data you have acquired about your customers and their buying patterns to make your marketing more efficient.

Data Hygiene

We begin with data hygiene, because without quality data your analytics won’t deliver the right results, and your marketing campaigns will be less effective. We diagnose the issues, then use a variety of tools and services to clean up your data and prepare it for use.

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Predictive Modeling

We analyze your customer base and create a statistical model that predicts who is likely to buy, and what they are likely to purchase. With this information you can target your marketing campaigns more effectively.

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Segment Targeting

Another approach to analyzing your customer base, especially a large one, is to segment the customers into groups. That helps you better understand customer behavior and target campaigns to specific segments. We can segment consumers by zip code and businesses by industry, or we can do Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) value analysis.

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Some of your marketing campaigns are more effective than others. But you need to know which ones are actually working. Even if you know which campaign someone responded to, likely earlier campaigns had some influence. WiseGuys has developed Matchback Analysis that allows you to more accurately do attribution.

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Lifetime Value

When you know the Lifetime Value of a customer, you know how much you can afford to spend to acquire a new customer. WiseGuys gives you a way to calculate the Lifetime Value for different methods of customer acquisition, including different keyword groups in Google AdWords.

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