WiseGuys CRM employs a householding algorithm that standardizes matchcodes for businesses and organizations that allows you to link all members of a family (whether corporate or consumer).

In corporations, as well as families, purchases may be made by multiple individuals. When you link these individuals together, you have a more accurate picture of your relationship with the whole group. Householding provides:

  • Better Matchback Analysis – You can see the true response from your target audience to your marketing campaigns.
  • Better Roll-ups – Sales reporting is more accurate when all components of a household or corporation are combined.

For the most accurate analysis, you need to know which individuals are part of the same organization (or family). Householding allows you to identify, and perhaps limit, duplicate mailings, while ensuring that the right people receive your marketing campaigns.

Even if purchasing is centralized, you will want to make sure your marketing targets the people who initiate the purchase, which may not be the purchasing manager. By linking all individuals within the organization using WiseGuys householding algorithm, you are able to see these relationships more clearly and target marketing appropriately.