WiseGuys CRM is software designed for multi-channel marketers – especially those who sell through some combination of websites, email, catalogs, direct mail, and stores.

A stand-along module that you can add to your order management system, WiseGuys CRM gives you the ability to analyze your customer purchase data at a deeper level and apply that intelligence to designing one-to-one marketing campaigns.

The software provides some unique capabilities that are particularly useful to smaller retailers that sell across multiple channels:

  • RFM Analysis – WiseGuys CRM gives you the ability to perform sophisticated Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) value analysis on your transaction data, so you can segment your customers according to their likelihood to buy.
  • Lifetime Value – Calculating the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customer base allows you to establish how much you can afford to spend to acquire new customers.

Selection filters and householding allow you to run analytics on just the segment of your customer base that is relevant for your campaign – you might want to focus on retail (excluding wholesale customers) or target catalog purchases (excluding point-of-sale).

Once the analysis is complete, you can use WiseGuys CRM to create targeted, personalized, one-to-one marketing messages for your customers, including:

  • Automated welcome messages to new customers (or donors), personalized with their most recent transaction.
  • Lapsed messages with an irresistible offer to re-activate former high-value customers, based on their previous purchases.
  • Thank-you messages to recognize your best customers, perhaps with an offer of free shipping to encourage them to buy even more.
  • Drip marketing campaigns that use personalized, repeated touches to stay in contact with prospects, ideal for high-value products with a long sales cycle.
  • Cross-sell messages based on previous purchases (based on what other customers bought after they bought the first product).

WiseGuys software pricing is tiered, based on the volume of your postal mailings.

WiseGuys CRM is integrated with the top order management, accounting and CRM systems, so there is no need to export, import or rekey data: